Q&A: Getting to know Warrington Town forward Joe Piggott

tuesJEHL9421_Joe Piggott.jpg.gallery
Joe Piggott caught up with Cantilever Catch-Up. Photo courtesy of John Hopkins

By Sam May

The 18-year-old has settled into life at Cantilever Park since making the move to the Yellows from Dundee United.

How did Joe Piggott get into football? Which football team does he support? What is his dream holiday destination?

Cantilever-Catch Up spoke exclusively to the man himself and here is what he had to say…

CC: How did you get into football?

JP: I started to play football at the age of five and watching Everton on television. This made me want to go to training sessions on Saturday mornings.

CC: Where did you grow up?

JP: I grew up in Nantwich and have lived in the area all my life.

CC: Against which team did you score your first professional goal? What was the feeling like?

JP: Amazing, there is no better feeling. I scored my first goal against Kilmarnock.

CC: Who is your favourite footballer and who do you model your game on?

JP: My favourite has got to be R9 (Brazilian Ronaldo) from back in the day. He was big, strong and could score goals for fun. I model myself on Harry Kane because he is the best around.

CC: Who do you support?

JP: I support Everton.

CC: Who has helped you the most in your career so far?

JP: My parents have helped me the most. When times have been tough, they have made me keeping going and carry on.

JEHL8879_Joe Piggott.jpg.gallery.jpg
Piggott started his career at his boyhood club Everton. Photo courtesy of John Hopkins

CC: iOS or Android?

JP: iOS.

CC: What is your favourite video game?

JP: Call of Duty is my favourite.

CC: What is your favourite film?

JP: Shawshank Redemption

CC: If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing?

JP: I would be a football coach.

CC: What do you like to do when you’re not playing football?

JP: I like to chill with my mates and seeing my girlfriend, also a bit of golf now and again is good.

CC: Who is your favourite football manager?

JP: It has to be Pep Guardiola because of the way his teams play.

CC: What is your favourite food?

JP: Chinese.

CC: What is your dream holiday destination?

JP: The Maldives and being by the ocean in one of those beach villas.

JEHL0552_Joe Piggott.jpg.gallery.jpg
Piggott is inspired by the Brazilian Ronaldo and claims Harry Kane to be a player he looks up to. Photo courtesy of John Hopkins

CC: What car do you drive?

JP: I drive a Vauxhall Astra at the moment. 

CC: What is your daily routine?

JP: Wake up, gym, work and train.

CC: Where do you work?

JP: I go into primary schools and deliver coaching sessions.

CC: Do you have any siblings?

JP: I have a sister Abbi, 20, and a brother called Xenon who is 28-year-old.

CC: What are your goals and ambitions going forward?

JP: My goals are to score as many as possible for Warrington and help the team to do well, and in the long term I hope to achieve a long career in football.


CC: How are you finding life at Cantilever Park?

JP: I have enjoyed the last first few months at Warrington and hope to keep improving in the future.

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